Thiru.K.Shanmugham, Chairman

Education is a building bridge all over the world – between ignorance and wisdom, between the vulnerable and the most powerful, between the underprivileged and the authorities. It has been my dream to do my bit in the construction of such a meaningful connectivity by way of establishing an educational institution whose outcome would be not just graduates but builders of immense machines, imposing edifices and great ideas.

The ideas that should jolt the current intellectual body and torch the ineptitude accumulated on the conservative chambers of learning centers. Realizing the potential of the students of this region, it did not take long for me to decide what to do. What is needed on war-footing is high-class professional and technical education at an affordable cost, I said to myself. It is with these presumptions that I have, along with my team, ventured in educational catering in the disciplines of Engineering and Technology.

Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering and Technology, Sankari, Salem District attempts to be the paradigm of excellence in the fields that are its focal points. It makes possible to its students a conducive ambiance to understand, appreciate, conceive and develop ideas of merit in the fields of Engineering and Technology. With a team of seasoned faculty and cutting-edge know-how, this college attempts to be playing the good Samaritan in the lives of hundreds of youngsters who would be its flag-bearers everywhere on this planet in the days to come.

As Chairman of Sri Shanmugha Educational Charitable Trust, I promise, to public in general and the student community in particular, to continue and ensure highest standards in what we have come to mean – Engineering and Technology education.