Er.S.Prabahar , Vice Chairman

Nations prosper, history notes, not by their arsenal of super military prowess but by their men of merit. The men, who would be burning their midnight oil while others rest and slumber, make their lands trendsetters in the larger scheme of things. Legions of such men shape the destiny of their res publica first, and then the comity of nations.

At Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering and Technology, Sankari, Salem District, we nurture the dream of young men and women to become technically competent enough to meet the confronting challenges of the life. The dream of mine that is, borne out of a deep desire to make this institution to be the fountain head of technology and wisdom. Since the day of its inception, solemn efforts have been undertaken to bring to it par excellence in everything – from machines to men. Our nearby areas are having many reputed institutions of similar scope and nature, making our task of establishing a technological institution very ambitious and challenging. But challenge is something that brings out the best in men and we have been extremely attentive to details in providing our clientele benchmark Engineering education.

Also, I am happy to share with all the plans in store, with regard to development, and will certainly have enormous impact on the quality of education to the students of this institution. A holistic and complete laboratory exposure, institution-industry association, career launching facilities, value added skill packages are just a few additions to the regular academic schedule at Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering and Technology.

We assure our students that they will get nothing less than the best in their domains and no effort will be spared to bring to them the best. All they have to do, in return, is to make the most of what they are given.