Mechanical engineers are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is physically possible in order to produce safer, cheaper, and more efficient machines and mechanical systems. Huge opportunities exist for mechanical engineers and they are being employed in nearly every industry. The department of Mechanical Engineering was established in the year 2011. The department is well poised to shape the students to become highly motivated Scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, & policy makers needed to address complex societal issues

  • The Department offers Under Graduate program in Mechanical Engineering leading to B.E. degree and Post Graduate program in Mechanical Engineering leading to
  • The department strives to enhance student interests in advances in mechanical engineering, and impart high quality education through well-qualified & highly motivated faculty team, well- equipped laboratories, and instructional facilities.
  • The department underscores the importance of recognizing that mechanical engineering education must be coupled with modern industry with practices giving hands-on opportunity for every student to relate theory with practice.
  • The department's all around sound performance in every sphere of academic activity has a well enough proof that it is student focused.


  • To be a universal knowledge center in mechanical engineering education, entrepreneurship and industry outreach services.
  • To develop competent Mechanical Engineers who use their talent to take up challenges of the industry.


  • To provide quality education to the students in Mechanical Engineering, with sufficient scope to meet the emerging challenges of the society.
  • To prepare the students for successful engineering career by inculcating the leadership qualities to encourage entrepreneurship and the professional and ethical responsibilities for the betterment of the society.
  • To make the department a “Cent-re of Excellence” in the field of Mechanical Engineering with highly developed educational infrastructure and active association with the relevant industries.

Program Educational Objectives (PEOs)

  • PEO – I. To prepare graduates who will create new ways to meet society's needs with their knowledge of Mechanical Engineering.
  • PEO – II. To provide opportunity for students to work as part of teams on multidisciplinary
  • PEO – III. To promote student's awareness of life-long learning and professional development through self-study and higher education in Engineering.
  • PEO – IV. Participate as leaders in their fields of expertise and in activities that support service and economic development nationally and worldwide.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Students of Mechanical engineering programme should at the time of their graduation be in possession of:

  1. Graduates will able to use basic knowledge in mathematics, science and engineering and apply them to solve problems specific to mechanical engineering.
  2. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to design and conduct experiments, interpret and analyze data, and report results.
  3. Graduates will able to design any mechanical system or thermal system that meets desired specifications and requirements.
  4. Graduates will able to design a mechanically coupled electrical system or a process that meets desired specifications and requirements.
  5. Graduates will be familiar with applying software methods and modern computer tools to analyze mechanical engineering problems.
  6. Graduate will be able to design a system to meet desired needs within manufacturability and management knowledge and techniques to estimate time, resources to complete project.
  7. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of their professional and ethical responsibilities, and use technology for the benefit of mankind.
  8. Graduates will develop an open mind and have an understanding of the impact of engineering on society and demonstrate awareness of contemporary issues.
  9. Graduates will have the ability to recognize the importance of professional development by pursing post graduate studies or face competitive examinations that offer challenging and rewarding careers in Mechanical Engineering.
  10. Graduates will be able to communicate effectively in both verbal and written forms.
  11. Graduates should be capable of self-education and clearly understand the value of life-long learning.