Life at SSCET campus is filled with all sorts of self-enriching activities that fulfill the expectations of its students in all spheres of life, including Arts & Culture, Sports & Fitness, Social Service, Technology, Networking, etc. A number of clubs, societies and other organizations provide a wide range of activities outside the curriculum to satisfy the needs of intellectual pleasure.

The Music club is a vibrant and elite society of musically gifted students who come together and create fascinating melodies. The purpose of the club is to showcase the musical talent of maximum number of students and it has upheld this tradition over the years.

The club encourages young musicians to interact with each other and give them an appropriate jam pad. It enables students to utilize the free time productively and do something what the music enthusiasts are passionate about.
The club recognizes exceptional talent and promotes it in the right direction. The students in the executive body arrange practice sessions for intra as well as inter collegiate events. Workshops and semester long classes are held for those who are interested in learning music. Thus, if a student wants to excel in the field of music, the club does its best to help achieve the goal.

Symphony of the Soul is the only recluse for mankind. And it is in the achieving of this salvation that the Music Club of Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering and Technology was formed. The Music Club has no dearth of instruments and constantly nurturing new talents. Membership is restricted to the students only.