The Photography Club enables to inculcate photographic talent among the interested individuals. The mission of the club is to serve the members to develop the  photographic skills through education, exhibitions of photographic accomplishments, competitions, friendship with others who share a love of photography and to share the talents with individuals and organizations in our community.
An air conditioned dark room, two Cameras Yashica FX3 super 2000 & Nikon FM2 with normal zoom lenses and wide angle lens, close up lens set, filters., KODAK DLR Camera, METZ flash, camera stand, etc., are available.
The club gives training for the students in handling cameras, developing, printing and enlarging of B/W films.
The club library provides various books on Photography for the students.
The club conducts Exhibition, Photo Contests, Video classes and Quiz competitions on Photography for students.
Photographs and Video Coverage of  College functions are taken by the club.
Color Transparencies for teaching, paper presentation, projects and publication purposes are also prepared by the club.
The club takes up the job of providing Identity Cards for students and faculty.

Faculty Incharge

  • Dr.M.Pradheeps