Reading Club was initiated on 30/8/16 exclusively for first year Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi Medium Students in the library. Reading Club is a network of Students’ readers run in the college library to encourage reading for pleasure. The prime motive of this reading club initiation was to promote the importance of English among the students in the college. The students were grouped into teams and asked to select books on their own interest. They were asked to create a wall dictionary in their classrooms with the unfamiliar words they come across. They were asked to notate the important points and indulge in a short discussion for every week when they meet in the library. When they complete reading their chosen books they were asked to meet and share their pleasure of reading.

Reading club Activities:

  • Creation of Wall Dictionary in the classrooms
  • Adoption of a word from the wall dictionary every hour for a presentation in the classroom
  • A fifteen minute discussion among the team in the library hour on their chosen books.
  • Sharing the pleasure of reading among the club members’ once in a month.
  • Adaption of the book’s content in drama and mime shows
  • Poster presentation on the content of the books
  • PPT presentation on the familiar selective topic
  • Elocution
  • Debate
  • Tableau by team

Faculty Incharge


Verbal Trainer

Training and Placement