To augment the existing resources in science with the objective of expanding the area of application oriented fields of Engineering and Technology.


To train the students to explore the possibilities of relating the discoveries in science to the emergence of useful modern technology and also to train the students to be experts in expression.


Science and Humanities serve as a foundation for the academic as well as professional career of the students of Engineering and Technology. The Department of Science and Humanities has four disciplines:

  1. Engineering Mathematics
  2. Engineering Physics
  3. Engineering Chemistry
  4. Technical English and Communication Skills

Science and Humanities Department is essentially application-oriented. Since Mathematics is regarded as the Queen of Sciences pervading all the branches of Engineering and Technology, a thorough knowledge of Engineering Mathematics is imparted to the students by the highly qualified and experienced faculty. The aim is to focus on the applicability of mathematical concepts to the engineering subjects for achieving greater insights and clarity. The other subjects such as Physics and Chemistry are projected to secure a clear understanding of the intricacies of Engineering and Technology. Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry serve to provide a strong foundation in applied physics and applied chemistry with the help of a well equipped laboratories.