1. The College timing is from 9.20 am to 4.30 pm.
  2. Mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the college premises. If any student is found possessing mobile phones inside the campus, his/her mobile will be seized.
  3. Students should wear only formal dress. Wearing Jeans, T-shirts, cargo pants, and short shirts, embroidery works in pants, shirts, short tops and leggings is not permitted. Students should follow the SSCET dress code (clean shaven, tuck-in, wearing black shoe & ID card for boys, neatly pined shawl on both side, No free hair, wearing black cut shoe & ID card for girls).
  4. Students are instructed not to make any damages to the furniture, electrical components and instruments in the laboratories, workshops, classrooms, canteen, hostel, toilets, etc.,. A penalty will be imposed for such misconducts.
  5. Scribbling on the walls and desks or causing any other damages to the college property is strictly prohibited.   Students responsible for any such wanton damage will be penalized.
  6. Students should not indulge in any activity leading to the disruption of peace and discipline and dislocation of normal work in the college and hostel premises. Those who are found guilty of violating this rule will be severely dealt with.
  7. Girls and boys will not be allowed to talk inside the college premises unnecessarily. Any discussion regarding the subject can be allowed only inside the class rooms and laboratories.
  8. It’s mandatory that the students have to take college bus or need to stay in hostel students should make their own arrangements for special classes.
  9. Students are not permitted to bring their own vehicles to the college.
  10. Religious gatherings, prayer meetings, birthday celebrations inside the college are not permitted.