Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering and Technology aims at producing distinct productive engineers with sound subject knowledge and application skills by offering rich ambiance and conducive teaching-learning process. We are committed to rise up to the global standards in the field of education by taking following steps:

  • Emphasizing human values,
  • Equipping with adequate technologies and
  • Offering training for the students to become employable
  • Encouraging our staff members for their continuous learning.
  • Kindling their creativity for becoming the dynamic contributors in the field of       engineering and technology.
  • Promoting self-monitoring and self-evaluation of our functioning



To be an institute of repute in the field of engineering and technology by implementing the best educational practices akin to global standards for fostering domain knowledge and developing research attitude among students to make them globally competent.


• Achieving excellence in Teaching Learning process using state-of-the-art resources • Extending opportunity to upgrade faculty knowledge and skills • Implementing the best student training practices for requirements of industrial scenario of the state • Motivating faculty and students in research activity for real time application


• To provide quality education to the students • To prepare the students for future needs of the respective industries • To impart scientific acumen and promote life-long learning zeal among the students and the staff • To use modern technology keeping in pace with its up-gradation • To enhance the competency of the faculty and comprehension of the students


The visionaries of Sri Shanmugha College Of Engineering and Technology (SSCET) wanted to make the Institution versatile and unique capable of participating in the process of social transformation and hence they have been focusing on higher education, particularly technical education for all. The education system conceived by SSCET by training students and instilling in them a quest for excellence and innovation with a resolute approach to productivity, global awareness and professional competence have made its indelible mark in the field of higher education. Special education, higher education and technical education are thrust areas of the SSCET, which is committed to promote and propagate quality education on par with international standards. It is our earnest ambition to groom talents and turn them into best quality professionals with high intellectual capabilities and strong moral values. The main motto of SSCET is to address to the cries of the deprived, who are in financial crisis. The association functions to remove poverty in the society. We immensely toil to eliminate the people’s financial crucial stages and mainly focus on empowering the illiterate society. So, we strive to make India a worthy place for all people in spite of caste, creed, race and religion to live with peace and harmony. We care for the need and express the fulfillment of life. Ultimately, we hope that this scheme will continue for the time in immemorial.


A forum consisting of Faculty and Students to enhance knowledge in their specific domain, by involving themselves in mini projects, paper presentations, etc. Each department.The motto of is to identify the interested group of students comprising of five members from each class of every year based on the criteria such as without arrears and evincing special talents and they are given priority for attending any Competitions, Sports, Academic Activities and other Extracurricular Activities etc.


To make the student to realize the prominence of higher studies and train them in their area of interest.In Higher Education cell, students’ interest and potential will be identified by HEC Team which is formed by field specialists with the help of counselors.Accordingly he/she will be guided with their goals for their Higher Education. Guide them the views and benefits on CAT, MAT, GATE, GMAT, and SAT. Career Planning and Decision Making are the most crucial aspects of an individual’s life. It is an important factor that will have a lasting effect on both individual and the community. Human being’s desire is not only getting a job, but also to progress in his/her career. Thus we help each student in realizing his/her ultimate dream by making career decision in a rational manner and in becoming self-sufficient and self-reliant responsible citizens.