Pharmacy Scope

Pharmacy graduates are involved in the research and development of new therapeutics as well as ensure their manufacturing quality control. The demand for pharma graduates is high in sectors like healthcare, research, manufacturing, medical marketing, pharmacovigilance etc. As a pharma graduate one can take up job roles like drug inspector, drugs controller, hospital pharmacist etc. There is a surge in demand for new age job roles like big data analyst, computational pharmacist, health care management scientist, life-cycle management scientist etc.

Approved Courses & Eligibility

Bachelor of Pharmacy

Course Duration : 4Years

B. Pharmacy is a popular undergraduate degree program among science students after HSc. It is a four-year program completed in eight semesters (each semester is six months). The program focuses on drug manufacture, quality control, research, and development. It is highly career-oriented and offers excellent opportunities in the Pharma industry.

Master of Pharmacy

Course Duration : 2Years

The Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharmacy) program with a specialisation in pharmaceutical chemistry at Sri Shanmugha College of Pharmacy is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of drug development and analysis. Launched in 2023, this program emphasises practical research skills, supported by a well-equipped laboratory featuring sophisticated instruments such as FTIR and HPLC. Students are trained to apply their knowledge of organic chemistry in conjunction with a broad understanding of biological concepts, preparing them for careers in pharmaceutical research and development.

Pharmaceutical Chemistry

The Pharmaceutical Chemistry department at Sri Shanmugha College of Pharmacy is a vital component of our academic offerings. Our Master of Pharmacy (M. Pharmacy) program, specialising in pharmaceutical chemistry, was launched in 2023. Our well-equipped research laboratory features sophisticated instruments such as FTIR and HPLC to support our research activities. Pharmaceutical chemistry is inherently interdisciplinary, requiring practitioners to have a solid foundation in organic chemistry, complemented by a broad understanding of biological concepts related to cellular drug targets.


The Pharmaceutics department at Sri Shanmugha College of Pharmacy, established in 2023, focuses on both basic and applied research in Pre-formulation, Formulation, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, and Drug Delivery. Our commitment to excellence in academia and research is evident in the success of our faculty and students. We provide training for research students pursuing a PhD degree, offering access to the latest laboratory instrumentation and technologies under the guidance of experienced teachers and dedicated staff. Our state-of-the-art laboratories and ultra-modern facilities ensure a conducive learning environment.

D. Pharm

Course Duration : 2Years

The D. Pharm program is a two-year, full-time diploma designed to prepare candidates for roles in hospitals, community pharmacies, and other pharmaceutical fields under licensed pharmacists’ supervision. The academic training spans two years with a minimum of 180 working days per year, followed by practical training of not less than 500 hours over approximately three months in a government hospital, dispensary, or pharmacy recognised by PCI-New Delhi.

Pharm. D

Course Duration : 6Years

Pharmacy bridges health sciences with chemical sciences, crucial for managing the complexity of modern pharmaceuticals. Integrating pharmacy into healthcare is essential for safe and effective medication use, especially with the introduction of new therapies. This need has prompted innovations in pharmacy education, such as the introduction of the Pharm. D program in India.


1. Commencement of regular classes for I B.Pharm &  D.Pharm course 2022-January
2.  III & IV semester University examination 2022, January 19th
3. Commencement of next semester classes for  II & III B.Pharm, course 2022, January 30th
4. Ist internal assessment for I & II D.Pharm 2022, March
5. Commencement of regular classes for II D.Pharm course
6. Ist internal assessment for I, III, IV & Vth  semester,  B.Pharm 2022, March 1-15
7. Summer vacation 2022, May
8. Industrial internship – IV B.Pharm 2022, May
9. IInd internal assessment for I & II D.Pharm 2022, June
10. IInd internal assessment for I,II,III &Vth  semester  B.Pharm 2022, June
11. II, IV & VI semester University examination 2022, June
12. III & V semester University examination 2022, July
13. Commencement of II, IV & VI semester 2022, August
14. Ist internal assessment for II, IV, & VI semester B.Pharm 2022, August
15. IIIrd internal assessment for I & II D.Pharm 2022, August
16. IInd internal assessment for II & IV, VI  semester B.Pharm 2022, September
17. World Pharmacist Day 2022, September
18. II, IV & VI semester University examination 2022, October
19. Pharmacy Week Celebration 2022, November
20. 2nd internal assessment for II, IV, & VI semester B.Pharm 2022, December