Sri Shanmugha Educational Institutions

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SSCET is growing because of your extraordinary performance and the skills that you have gained and exhibited.

SSCET is now going for Outcome-Based Education (OBE). It will largely benefit graduates to work as an Engineering Professional in the member countries of Washington Accord. OBE requires that Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs) and Programme Outcomes (POs) of the program (Branch of Study) are to be clearly defined and attained. Besides, the graduates are expected to have a set of attributes (known as Graduates Attributes – GAs) while studying and after graduation.

The concept of alumni association evolved for needs from both the ends, i.e. academicians and professionals, in the aim of building a bridge between college life and career life, so that the fresher graduates are made proactive to face the current challenges of competitive professional world. Both the ends shall work hand in hand to help each other for achieving the goal.