Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering and Technology has been conferred autonomous status by the University Grants Commission, New Delhi, starting from the academic year 2023-2024. The autonomy has been granted for a period of 10 years. The institute remains affiliated with Anna University, Chennai. The Exam Cell and the Office of the Controller of Examinations operate as a unified setup. This office is responsible for various activities, some of which are unique to autonomous institutes, while others are common to both autonomous and affiliate systems. The Controller of Examinations office plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth functioning of the autonomy. Its responsibilities include announcing the academic schedule, preparing question papers, conducting examinations, evaluating answer scripts, declaring results, and issuing grade sheets. Each academic year, students undertake end-semester examinations in November/December and April/May. Additionally, the Controller of Examinations ensures the proper functioning of continuous assessment tests.

COE Office Team Members


Name and Designation



Dr. G. M. Tamilselvan, Principal Chief Controller of Examinations


Dr. V. Suresh Babu, Professor

Controller of Examinations


Dr. G. Petchinathan, Professor

Deputy Controller of Examinations


Mr. E. Santhosh, Assistant Professor

Assistant Controller of Examinations


Mr. N. Vasantha Prasath, Assistant Professor

Assistant Controller of Examinations


Mrs. S. Sathya

Office Assistant

Contact us

Dr. V. Suresh Babu, M.Tech., Ph.D.,
Controller of Examinations

Sri Shanmugha College of Engineering and Technology

Pullipalayam, Morur (Po.),

Sankari (Tk.), Salem (Dt.)

Pincode:  637 304.

Phone 04283 350 994

Mobile +91 7373596999


  1. Filing the syllabus and model question papers that are approved by the Academic council from time to time.
  2. Sending offer letters to question paper setters.
  3. Filing the acceptance letters of question paper setters and examiners from different colleges.
  4. Collecting Question Papers– 2 months before the commencement of the examinations.
  5. Scrutinizing the received question papers with the help of expert members from reputed academic institution.
  6. Issuing preview form to the students for the payment of examinations fee – 60 days before the examination schedule.
  7. Filing the received Applications and fee receipts.
  8. Announcing the Examination schedule (time-table) – 45 days before the end semester examination.
  9. Preparation of nominal rolls of the registered candidates.
  10. Issuing Hall Tickets which is printed with exam dates – 7 days before the Examination schedule.
  11. Issuing Invigilation Duty Slips for all examinations for Both Teaching & Non-teaching staff 2 days before the Examination schedule.
  12. Preparation of room wise Nominal Rolls with Photo and Registration Number one day before the examination schedule.
  13. Printing the Question Paper, copying it number of copies required and sealing it in a confidential cover.
  14. Room allotment of the Students is displayed on the Notice Board 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the Examination.
  15. The Question Paper Confidential Seal is opened only after taking the signatures of one invigilator, University Representative and Chief Superintendent on the question paper bundle 30 minutes before the scheduled time of the examination.
  16. To avoid mistakes either in questions or in paper pattern, formal rechecking of the question paper is done by the subject expert concerned just before the question paper in handed over to the invigilator.
  17. Examination halls for invigilators are assigned on lottery basis. (Every Examination Hall
  18. accommodates 25 Students).
  19. Issuing the Question Papers, 42 Pages Answer Scripts with marked serial number and Students Seating arrangement sheet to the Invigilators 15 minutes before the Examination.
  20. A computerized bell system makes the bell ring every half an hour as an alert to the students when the examination is going on.
  21. No student is allowed to leave the examination hall until the examination time is over.
  22. Two or more flying squads keep observing every examination hall throughout the examination period.
  23. Examination Conducting Team Collect the Absentee’s Statement from each examination room 45 minutes after the commencement of the examination.
  24. Entering the Student Absents in Examination Software and prepare the Students absentee statement (After completing every examination).
  25. Invigilators will submit the Answer Scripts after the completing the examination.
  26. Verifying the scheme of valuation by the Head of the Department which is given by the Paper setter.
  27. Subject wise Answer Scripts put in an order.
  28. Hand over to the coding staff. After completing the coding work the coding staff will cut the student filled in part of the face page of the answer script and hand over to the controller.
  29. A print out will be taken and it will be manually verified whether the given code number tallied with the register number.
  30. The scripts are bundled with convenient number and a bundle slip will be pasted on each bundle.
  31. Controller of Examinations will distribute the answer script bundles to different subject experts from the different colleges for the valuation.
  32. After completion of the valuation the controller/deputy controller of the examinations will collect the answer script bundles.
  33. Under the supervision of the controller/deputy controller of the examinations the scrutiny members will scrutinize the answer scripts.
  34. Entering the answer script final marks in Examination Software (After completing scrutiny) and take a print for verification with award list.
  35. Through the Examination Software, decode the marks of every student.
  36. Conducting a meeting with the results passing board members consisting of the Principal, Controller of Examinations, University Representative and all heads of the departments and discuss the pass percentage and also to consider the proposal of giving moderation marks if necessary.
  37. Publishing the result through the institute website.
  38. Distribution of marks list by semester wise.
  39. Generate consolidated statement of grade for course completed students.
  40. Preparation of data and submitting the same to Anna University for issue of provisional certificate and Degree Certificate.